Running Man Episode 384 Engsub

Running Man Episode 384 Engsub. Full Engsub will be update soon!

Jung Chul Min, who became the main PD of the variety show in April of last year, said that he felt incredibly lucky to have the current “Running Man” cast. He mentioned that Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk made him feel appreciated by taking the time to chat with him about their personal lives and not just the show.
“When I meet with Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk, they’ll talk for six hours at time,” he explained. “Everything from stories about the smallest details of their lives to discussions about our program. It makes me think that they care about me and think of me as a younger brother rather than a producer.”
He went on, “I really learn a lot when I spend time with Yoo Jae Suk. Maybe because he’s been on variety shows for so long, his instincts are truly exceptional. I have a lot to learn from him as a junior colleague.”
Jung Chul Min also praised Lee Kwang Soo for always giving “Running Man” his all, even if it meant putting his image as a serious actor at risk. “Lee Kwang Soo is someone I’m truly thankful for,” he remarked. “He must have a lot of concerns as an actor, but when he arrives at [our] variety show, he forgets about all of that and works really hard for us. He’s extremely loyal, and he takes good care of the younger members.”
He added jokingly, “To be honest, as a friend, I want to tell him to stop doing variety shows in order to focus on acting. But as the PD of ‘Running Man,’ I want him to stay with us until the end. I feel sorry about that.”
Jung Chul Min also expressed his gratitude for Kim Jong Kook, who helped him adjust to his new role as the main PD. “[Kim Jong Kook is] someone who gives me confidence,” he said. “I met up with Jong Kook when I became the head of the team in April and I was worrying about a lot of different things. He told me then that he didn’t want to give the production team any stress about ratings.”
“He said, ‘What’s important is that we’re doing this show together, so do the things you want to do [with the show],'” recalled Jung Chul Min. “I was really grateful for that.”
The PD revealed that Song Ji Hyo was also a strong source of support. “Whenever Song Ji Hyo sees our ratings go up, she pats me on the back like an older sister and says things like, ‘It’s because you always work so hard. I’ll work hard too.'”
However, he confessed that he worried about her as well. “Because her image as the ‘ace’ of the show is so strong, she used to feel a lot of pressure,” he explained. “We talked a lot about it, and now she’s put a lot of that stress behind her. I’d like the viewers to know that she works really hard [on the show].”
Jung Chul Min also had plenty of praise for HaHa, whom he dubbed “the most mature member.” He said, “HaHa is always good at being the keystone of the group. In addition to giving the other members his support, he’s also someone who constantly cheers me on and comforts me warmly.”
Even though Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min joined the show less than a year ago, Jung Chul Min reported feeling as though he could rely on them. “They’re dependable,” he remarked fondly, “and I’m grateful for them.”
“I think I’m really blessed to have met such good people,” he went on. “Because I have such great members, I feel as though I need to work hard to make an even better program for them.”
If you haven’t already, catch up on the latest episode of “Running Man” below!

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